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At Top Telly we provide solutions for creating high quality video at affordable prices. We specialise in recording and transmitting from small live events and can provide editing facilities either on-site or in a dedicated suite.

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We are happy to get involved at any stage of your production process, from pre-production planning, through to final delivery. No two projects are the same, so we always aim to find the best solution for your technical requirements and budget. Our planning processes are ready to evolve with the requirements of the show, and whatever we do, we are always looking for new and better ways of doing it. We can offer full production management, or simply advise on the best way of approaching things from a technical perspective.

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A small company, offering agility and innovation
in an ever-changing marketplace

At top telly we aim to design and supply elegant production solutions, in-step with a rapidly developing video market, in which consumers now expect to access material on demand and on a variety of different platforms.
Keeping up with the technology and equipment at the centre of this transformation is a challenge that requires continual research, development, innovation and investment. At the same time that the cost of video production has dropped, access to the market has increased through smart phones and tablets. If you are looking to produce high-quality cross-platform video content in any format, we have the skills and equipment that you are looking for.

about us

Although technology runs through the heart of the broadcasting industry, we think that people are the most important element in any production process. The equipment merely allows creative and talented people to do what they love doing.

Our contacts in the industry include highly respected directors, camera operators, sound supervisors and editors. We can pull together an impressive team of professionals to realise your project.

hugh pollard

Hugh Pollard

Hugh has been working in broadcasting since 1997, primarily as an engineer, video-tape operator and editor for the BBC. He works a lot with tapeless and NLE platforms and particularly enjoys tight-turnaround and live transmission operations. Hugh has worked on many high profile shows over the years including Live 8, Eastenders Live, Coronation Street Live, Wimbledon, The Live Priministerial Debates, The Open Golf, The Mercury Music Awards, The Olympics, The Commonwealth Games, The BAFTA's and much more.

nicola pollard

Nicola Pollard

Nicola has been working the television industry since joining BBC Outside Broadcasts in 1997, as a Sound Assistant and Engineer. She is an expert in talkback and communications engineering and is accustomed to working with large complicated systems in high-pressure situations. She has worked as the Sound Guarantee on some of the largest Outside Broadcast trucks and programmes in the industry, including Wimbledon, The Open Golf, Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Glastonbury, Coronation St Live, MTV Awards, Sports Personality of the Year, Royal Events and much more..

frequently asked questions

Not necessarily. We do our best to create a solution for your show which meets your needs, without adding lots of unnecessary and expensive gear.

Yes. We've been working full time in professional television broadcasting since 1997. Full CV's and references are available for ourselves and the team that we employ should you require reassurance.

Give us a shout. We will tailor our services to your event. From a single PSC crew all the way up to live coverage with 8 HD cameras and onsite edits - plus everything in between.

Broadcasting via the internet IS THE FUTURE, talk to us about how best to broadcast your event.

We'd love to help! That's why we set up Top Telly. We are happy to conduct site visits and work out the best way to cover your show. We want to take your concept and supply the people and kit to make it happen.

We have several non-linear editing suites. We can edit at our base, or we can rig an edit suite wherever you require: at a live event, at your home, in your office. We can transcode and deliver your material to a variety of broadcast and web-friendly formats.

You can, but we prefer to supply the complete solution. We employ really talented broadcast professionals and aim to keep the quality of our work very high.

Yes. We can easily work in either HD or SD. We can also produce PAL or even NTSC if that is what you require.

We are happy to produce video for any purpose. We can convert and distribute our live output to different formats, for a variety of purposes.